Catalytic Effect/Synergies

The SoHi Building will be catalytic in the SOHI District just as the SOHI District is catalytic to the Near West Side and The City of Milwaukee. Hennessy Group’s goal is for the SoHi Building to attract a popular restaurant/café/coffee shop which will endure and will become a neighborhood gathering place. The restaurant café/coffee shop and compatible retail along with high value office uses of the SoHi Building will “Raise the Bar” and increase positive momentum within the SOHI District and Milwaukee’s Near West Side. Hennessy Group expects the SoHi Building, other buildings within the SOHI District, and the SOHI District itself to become a “Great Good Place”.

New synergies will come into play as the SOHI District progresses. The word will spread, and the ties will strengthen. Networks of sorts will develop from Downtown to SOHI from SOHI to the Menomonee River Valley, from SOHI to I94 and everywhere I94 goes, from Concordia, Merrill Park, etc. to SOHI, and on and on. Marquette’s graduates and other young professionals will move to Near West Side neighborhoods and will come to the SoHi Building and the SOHI District to eat, to meet, to be entertained, and to purchase goods, services, etc. Networks between businesses and residents, etc. will occur. Combinations and permutations of networks will occur. Networks that once were never dreamed of will occur.