Building Management

The SoHi Building’s developer/management agent, Hennessy Group, has a track record of taking on difficult management situations and then dissecting the situations and environments in order to bring the necessary focus on critical issues. The management plan for the SoHi Building is based on 20 years of experience and research in the redevelopment of Milwaukee’s Near West Side and on demonstrated commitment over those 20 years to not only bring quality development (e.g. the Kilbourn Knoll Historic Apartments at 31st & Kilbourn, the Saint James Court Historic Apartments at 8th and Wisconsin, and The Nicole & Tim’s Place at 16th and Kilbourn) to the neighborhood but also to sustain and improve on that quality in the years after each development is put into service. The management plan is straightforward with particular emphasis on customer service, maintenance of common elements, cleaning, and regular accounting and reporting. Special emphasis will be given to security and to maintenance/preventative maintenance of all mechanical systems. Further, service to tenants and quality of management will benefit from Hennessy Group’s (the developer and management agent) locating their office immediately adjacent to the SoHi Building at 2627 W. Wells.

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