About Us

As we go about our business we try very hard to make our buildings distinctive, and thus, to have a positive influence as our neighborhoods are revitalized. But the buildings themselves are not the most important aspect of how we at Hennessy Group go about our business. #1 is putting a smile on the faces of our residents, our tenants, and those with whom we cross paths in the neighborhood. We do this by treating people honestly and fairly, by maintaining our buildings in a responsive and meticulous manner, by keeping our buildings clean, and by planting and maintaining flowers (Flowers make people feel good.) and other landscape elements.

Hennessy Group is a highly focused neighborhood real estate company. We own, manage, and develop high quality residential and commercial properties in a focused urban environment—Milwaukee’s Near West Side and the Westown neighborhood in Downtown Milwaukee.

We have two apartment buildings on the National Register of Historic Places; these are the Saint James Court Historic Apartments at 8th and Wisconsin and the Kilbourn Knoll Historic Apartments at 31st and Kilbourn; these buildings contain 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments of various sizes. These buildings contain large apartments; historic details like hardwood floors, clawfoot tubs, stained glass; flowers and trees; etc. One of the buildings is in a Downtown location, and the other is in a neighborhood location.

Our SoHi Building (for retail and office), at 27th and Wells opened in late Fall of 2010 with Daddy’s as our current tenant. We are looking for the right retail tenant(s) for the building’s focal corner space and for office tenants to occupy the building’s 2nd and 3rd floors. The SoHi Building has a highly centralized, very accessible location with high traffic and incredible demographics. We also provide commercial space on the ground level of the Saint James Court building at 8th and Wisconsin.

Hennessy Group provides Consulting Services related to neighborhood development to non-profit and for profit businesses and to municipal and government entities. Some of the consulting services we perform include market studies, formulation of strategies for neighborhood and building development/redevelopment, etc. Hennessy Group staffs consulting engagements internally and by forming teams that are custom fit to our unique engagements.

Hennessy Group was started in 1987, and is owned and operated by John Hennessy. John has a background in engineering, marketing, project management, and sales with undergraduate and graduate engineering degrees from University of Dayton and Northwestern University. Our staff and key associates are Mathew Schoenfelder, a consultant and previous manager of the Saint James Court Historic Apartments and assists John in various other capacities; Andrew and Nou Freda, who co-manage the Kilbourn Knoll Historic Apartments, and Chris DeLaRosa who provides various invaluable site and maintenance services (Chris is a great team player and works hard to provide a high level of service to our tenants).

We hope you’re smiling, and we look forward to serving you now and in the future!!!